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At QuantaSIP GIS Pvt Ltd, we offer comprehensive GISolutions for infrastructure development projects. Our team of experts has a strong understanding of mapping technology, and our expertise ranges from survey to mapping across various industries, including electrical, agriculture, navigation, and infrastructure. We provide end-to-end GIServices, from data collection to analysis, ensuring that your project needs are met with accuracy and efficiency. Our commitment to innovation and excellence has made us a trusted partner for some of India’s most prestigious and challenging projects. Trust us to provide the best GISolutions for your project needs.

Service I: Ready Cadastral Datasets for 10 States, In-Progress for 7 More

Procured Govt Cadastral Data under RoR for Multiple States (100% Available)

Data Collection in Progress for Multiple States (UP, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Bihar, Assam, Chhattisgarh, West Bengal)

“Local Govt Directory Code Mapped to Census Villages (Pan-India)”
Physical Maps Digitized
Boundaries Available at Multiple Levels (District, Tehsil, Pincode, and Village)

Available Datapoints

Road Network

2 Million+
Km covered

Railway Network

km covered


Registered APMC

National Banks

1 Lakh+ Identified Banks


1 Million+
Marked Schools

Railway Network

2 Million+
Km covered


1 Million+
Marked Schools


1.5 Million+ Hospitals

Govt Offices

1 Million+ Government Offices


7.9 Million+ Collective Landmarks

Other PoI

120 Million+
Total Data Point

Technology Stack: Open Layer, Geo-server, web-services
Front-end editing tool: QGIS
Databse: PostGresql

Process of Geo-referencing

We Bridge the Mismatch in Boundaries Between Govt’s Cadastral Data and Open-Source Satellite Imagery

Process 1: Geo-referencing of raw cadastral data

Process 2: Correcting cadastral data with satellite imagery

*Typically in a 1 hectare (10,000 sqm) plot, deviation of open-source satellite imagery can be upto 25 sq mtr – 0.25%

Existing attributes in the dataset

Acreage as per Polygon Area of Satellite Image Provided, 7/12 Acreage Available on Request

Service 2: Land Record Verification

Downloaded and periodically maintained complete Land Owner Information for Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Madhya Pradesh

In addition to 7/12 abstracts, we can provide 8-A mutation entry

Key fields in the database include owner name (transliterated in Unicode), acreage, and recorded charges (to be extracted).

Data can be refreshed as per requirement

PoC provided for State Bank of India and HDFC Bank

Database linkages planned between cadastral data and land ownership database

Land Owner and Land Record Information Searchable by Geographical Location

Land Owner and Land Record Information Searchable by Geographical Location

Service 3: Data Cleaning, Correction - Case 1

In-Depth Study, Analysis, and Correction of Existing Data

Logical and Reasonable Analysis to Improve Land Owner Information Data

Service 3: Data Cleaning, Correction - Case 2

Missing Survey number in existing data

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